I am a marshmallow-loving, smut-writing, 20-something with an unhealthy love of animated characters, particularly one preciously dorky, sometimes angsty firebender and an avatar with blue eyes, muscles and an attitude I frequently fawn over. Hello.


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14 Days 2 Weeks to Balance (x)

favorite things

word count: 873

rating: k+

a/n:  I really needed some pointless fluff in my life. So, I wrote some. 


"Do you remember the first time you tried cooking water tribe food with me?" she says, her voice partially lost against the pillow she’s resting upon on his lap, the hair she’s kept short for years now soft under his fingers. 

"Yeah, it was a disaster. You ruined nearly all the ingredients we spent hours searching for in areas of the city I didn’t even know existed." Mako glances down at her, running his hand over her shoulder and arm, smiling when goosebumps appear on her skin. "I should’ve realized then that I’d be doing ninety percent of the cooking in our relationship…"  

"Hey now, I try.  And I can make noodles. You like noodles."  

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I know they say that the space between can make it stronger than we’ve ever seen. They might be right but I disagree ‘cause I’ve never felt stronger than when you’re with me.


me: hey i’m kinda good at this writing thing
*reads other people’s writing*
me: i am a literary potato


15 Days to Balance (x)

Er. In… (checks phone) four hours, anyway. Shhh, I’m impatient.




I see your Bumi and raise you a Kya



I’m genuinely in love with her bob.

selenicsoulmates replied to your post “i’ve realized i’m not someone who can handle their otp not being the…”

I’m only 27% ashamed high five


i’ve realized i’m not someone who can handle their otp not being the center of attention and i’m only, like, 38% ashamed to admit that. 


"Cosmic State"

A very late upload. Ive been out of tumblr for a while.

I made this during that horrid week when news broke out that Nick was taking LoK off the air. I understand that things got a little brutal but damn it broke my heart what they did.

I thought that Korra’s spirit alone could become the spiritual titan, what more if combined with Raava. (/*O*\)

"Like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew."
Inspired by (x)


Korra Book 3 finale is online right now!   These are some backgrounds from this season and some comps from the finale.  I did the paint. layout was most likely either Angela Sung or William Niu.


16 Days to Balance (x)

I should have put Iroh on yesterday’s pose and Raava on this one. (Sigh.) Oh well.